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Pin One morning last month, Rhode Islanders woke up to the news that the National Rifle Association had been charged with the second-largest campaign finance ethics violation in state history. Brown University student Sam Bell. But the real reasons Bell matters — the success of his legal complaint and the clues that led him there — together represent something else entirely: Bell is a Ph. Tall and ebullient, with a perennial tie and glasses that accentuate a scrutinizing demeanor, Bell sharply resembles the consummate grad student, including a thin, brass voice almost perfectly designed for administering factual correction. His age and background, in a way, are camouflage for political foes that get too casual with the facts, whom Bell can skewer and I can testify with an encyclopedic knowledge of state politics and polling data down to the district level.

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Organizers of the “Women’s March” and Michael Bloomberg’s gun control lobbying group Everytown are participating in an anti-National Rifle Association rally today.

Why does the NRA have an enemies list? Do they not comprehend that we have a problem in this country with idiots and guns? There are some people and groups The Pink Flamingo simply does not want having access to weapons of any sort. Anyone who has ever been convicted of a violent crime should never be allowed near a gun, or bullets, of any sort. Neither should white supremacists, Oath Keepers, militia, criminals, and anyone who is seriously disturbed.

I think that basically includes anyone who is a white supremacist, Oath Keeper, Militia — how can you even be a part of that without being seriously disturbed? Jack Krugman says the NRA is an insane organization. The Pink Flamingo must agree. So, he would rather let more people be slaughtered than risk something that is an idiotic conspiracy theory. He also says the mental health profession is standing in his way. The NRA has no real power.

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In a listening session , President Trump, who was endorsed by the NRA during the US election , told the victims of the shooting that he would look into arming teachers and introducing stricter background checks. Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was killed in the shooting, told Trump in the listening session: How many schools, how many children have to get shot? Rubio was also attacked for saying that he would not turn down NRA political contributions in the future.

I will always accept the help of anyone who agrees with my agenda. However, she was booed by the audience and chastised by Broward County Sheriff Israel when she said she was on the side of the students. The main goal of the NRA was set out to ‘promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis’, as it says on nra.

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Marco Rubio The political aftermath of US mass shootings have followed a similar script in recent years. Then little or no significant political change has happened. The angry teenage survivors of the Parkland school shooting.

The NRA has become toxic — underwater with Americans in the polls, and a liability at the ballot box where NRA-backed candidates are on the defensive.

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How One Brown Student Took Down the NRA

Monday 2 October Every time you place faith in the American people to demand change, that faith is misplaced. Last night it happened again — just like we knew it would.

The Missouri General Assembly on Wednesday voted to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of important pro-gun legislation, marking a major victory for the Show Me State’s law-abiding gun owners.

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Colorado Springs Originally Posted By: Christopher Hussey How many schools are in this country? How many have ever had a school shooting? What happened in CT was a horrible thing, but lets be honest, it’s not a problem that the majority of people will ever have to face. There will always be screwed up people that do screwed up things, no matter what precautions we take.

for immediate release: pro-gun dating site launches for gun-loving, nra-supporting americans APRIL 11, – Finding the love of your life who also stands with the Second Amendment just got a lot easier with the launch of — a new and exciting dating site for pro-gun Americans.

I have been at the Abbey of Gethsemani with a group of Merton scholars on retreat and without regular internet access, so my ability to follow the news was incredibly limited. In addition to the particular circumstances that led that individual to kill six people, his misogyny has been identified among other factors, there are general circumstances and responsible parties that make possible the condition for the possibility of mass murder.

Personally, I am against all firearms. As someone who believes in the truth of the Gospel, I likewise find it impossible to hold an alternative view. Yet, I am also not entirely without a pragmatic side, recognizing the legitimacy of hunting rifles for food and safety in remote parts of this country and the world. However, there is no legitimate alternative purpose for handguns other than to kill other human beings. Therefore, there is no legitimate right that anyone has to own them.

Stricter laws have made for safer communities. To handgun and semi-automatic weapon advocating Catholics:

Surprise! Women’s Marchers Hired Armed Guards For Their Protest Against The NRA

Apparently aiming to give Democrats an assist with their renewed push to disarm the American people, The NY Daily News latched onto the fact that the JROTC program at the school received funding from the NRA as evidence that the shooter himself received training from them. The claim is about as misleading as they come, especially when you consider that while it is true that Cruz was at one time a member of the JROTC, so where dozens of other students, some who even HELPED others get out of the school during the shooting itself!

The story itself was specifically designed as a hit piece against an organization that liberals throughout the country have painted as an all powerful, well-funded group when, in reality, anti-gun groups have spent literally hundreds of millions of more dollars than ANY pro-gun group ever has. Users on Twitter were quick to destroy the fake news cover, making it clear that at least some Americans are able to see through this transparent leftist propaganda. One of the most vile, misleading headlines of our time.

When it comes to lever-actions, most folks think Winchester or Marlin. But Arthur Savage was way ahead of his time with his Model It fed from a rotary magazine and could use pointed bullets.

All three organizations are well-funded, and all three organizations share some beliefs with more extreme organizations. There is very little in the way of hunting news, gear reviews, police-specific articles, womens magazines, competitive shoots or any of the other things the NRA does within the JPFO organization. By way of comparison, PETA, to my knowledge, isn’t running animal shelters across the nation, and Greenpeace doesn’t have anything approaching the research dollars that the WWF has.

Because, in all three cases, there is such a wide variety of issues, there is a correspondingly wide variety of members. That puts me at odds with the overall mission of the HSUS, but I assure you that I was not the only one though there weren’t many of us! In fact, I still donate money to them. There are, no doubt, some wackos in the NRA. I won’t deny it, and any honest NRA member will tell you the same thing.

The same thing applies to the WWF.