PM sensor SDS011 High precision laser pm2.5 air quality detection module Super dust sensors, digital output

Laser PM2 5 Sensor SDS011 Particle Sensor Dust Sensor
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Item Specifics

Brand NameSZYTF
OutputAnalog Sensor
TypeGas Sensor

Product Description

Outline SDS011 detection principle using a laser , can be obtained in the air suspended particulate matter concentration of 0.3 to 10 microns , stable and reliable data ; built-in fan , digital output , high integration Feature l data accuracy : laser detection , stability , consistency, good ; l Quick response : data update frequency of 1Hz; l easy integration : serial output ( or IO port output can be customized ) , comes with fan ; l High resolution : Minimum resolution particle diameter of 0.3 microns ; l standard certification : products have passed CE / FCC / RoHS certification. Scope PM2.5 detector, purifier. working principle Laser scattering theory : When laser irradiation through the particle detection position will produce a weak scattering of light in a specific direction of the light scattering wave and particle diameter about , you can get different grain through the waveform classification statistics and conversion formula different size number concentration of particle diameter in real time , in accordance with the calibration methods with the official unit of uniform concentration .