PLANTOWER Laser PM2.5 DUST SENSOR PMS7003 / G7 High precision laser dust concentration sensor digital particles

PLANTOWER Laser PM2 5 DUST SENSOR PMS7003 G7 High Precision Laser Dust Concentration Sensor Digital Dust
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Item Specifics

TypeGas Sensor
Brand NameNoEnName_Null
TheoryOptical Sensor
OutputDigital Sensor

Product Description

PLANTOWER Laser PM2.5 DUST SENSOR PMS7003/G7 High-precision laser dust concentration sensor digital dust particles

working principle
The sensor adopts the principle of laser scattering. Even if the laser irradiation in air suspended particles produce scattering, also in a certain angle to collect light scattering, the scattering intensity with time change curve. And microprocessor using algorithm based on Mie theory, it is concluded that the particles of equivalent grain size and per unit volume of different particle size of particle number
PMS70XX series is an ultra thin digital general particle depth sensor, can be used to obtain the unit volume of air in the number of suspended particulate matter, particle concentration, and in the form of digital interface output. The sensor can be embedded in a variety of airborne particulate matter concentration related instruments or environmental improvement equipment, to provide timely and accurate concentration of data