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“Orange is the New Black” returns to Netflix this for a second season tomorrow, June 6, and what a better way to celebrate than with a “OITNB” inspired DIY party.

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Kerman now frequently travels the country doing book readings and advocating for prisoners’ rights. On March 27, she’ll make a stop at the University of Vermont. For those unfamiliar with the author’s backstory, here’s a recap: After graduating from college, Kerman stuck around Northampton, Mass. Also self-described as a “well-educated young lady from Boston with a thirst for bohemia,” Kerman eventually moved to Bali with her lover and began carrying suitcases of cash across international borders.

Sep 15,  · By Amanda Michelle Steiner Hollywood Life ‘Orange Is The New Black’ writer Lauren Morelli has just filed for divorce from husband Steve Balisone .

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OITNB’s Yael Stone opens up about ‘vulnerable’ childbirth

Like the fangirl she is, Kukudio asks her to audibly describe the feeling; the response is mostly mindless rambling. Just as she inches closer and closer to climax, Kukudio snatches her hand back. She abandons her like she felt abandoned that day in the woods. We can totally stay friends even though you broke my heart into a million pieces.

On Saturday afternoon, the Orange Is the New Black star, 29, tied the knot with her longtime partner in an intimate Palm Springs, California, ceremony surrounded by family and friends, PEOPLE can.

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Orange is the New Black takes place inside a women’s prison. The lead character, Piper Chapman, is based on real life author, Piper Kerman.

By Hayley Wilbur Which makes the Netflix show, now in its third season , all the more compelling. To get a glimpse inside prison and how women try to maintain their dignity is not only fascinating but an entirely educational experience altogether. That comes through Laverne Cox’s character, Sophia, who plays a stylish fairy prison godmother, sprucing up many of the women with fresh new ‘dos while providing them with much needed confidence. But perhaps what is most compelling is how creative women behind bars become when it comes to their makeup.

From using Vaseline as lipgloss to using Kool-Aid as hair dye, the women use extensive DIY techniques to get looks they’re forbidden from. Which isn’t a stretch when it comes to the real world. Though a majority of prisons sell basic beauty products such as drugstore eyeliner, mascara, and foundation, many others ban makeup altogether.

Here are very creative methods that women inside real prison systems are doing to bypass these bans on beauty and how they’re maintaining their swaggers behind bars.

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The Bachelorette’s “Venmo John” admits the show’s dating system “kind of works” Source: The Washington Post The ABC reality show is the reverse of a normal date, where you only learn about a person on the surface level, says John Graham, aka Venmo John.

I went to Emerson. Taystee is vainly trying to keep on the straight-and-narrow, avoiding the influence of local drug dealer Vee Parker the great Lorraine Touissant. Back in the present-day, Taystee and the rest of the prisoners prep for a mock job fair with a representative from Philip Morris. Taystee, driven by the idea of acquiring a position post-sentence, studies and practices like a teenager prepping for the SATs.

Vee showing up at the job fair dressed in spanking-new prison oranges, though? Life goes on in the rest of the prison. Daya is super-pregnant and, now, super-constipated. Her real mother Aleida and prison mother figure Mendoza clash over the best way to get the machines turning again. Advertisement Pennsatucky is back, her already meth-ravaged mouth now positively apocalyptic in the wake of her smackdown by Piper.

She bargains with Healy to get her teeth fixed in exchange for her silence on his part or lack thereof in the fight, much to the relief of the home audience.

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