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Hand Blown Glass – Magnificent color, skilled craftsmanship and creative design make Blenko Glass Company the most colorful name in glass.

It was a bowl from the West Virginia landscape series called “Big Sky. From the tag I learned that the Blenko Glass Co. I got Blenko’s catalog and discovered numerous designs I wanted and that many vibrant colors were available. Twenty-one years and pieces later, I’m still enchanted by Blenko’s products. The first thing I notice is the color. Blenko had training as a chemist and eventually had over 1, formulas for glass colors. When the company added tablewares to its line in the s to stay in business during the Depression, it used the same glowing colors for drinkware, vases, decanters, bowls, etc.

To this day, the colors of Blenko stand out in a crowded antique mall or in a retail display.

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Sold as a lot. Love birds finial, in the original presentation box. Set with a green stone with abraded edges and two seed pearls, 18k assayed band with etched shoulders, monogrammed interior ”Katie”. Polychrome design on yellow and turquoise ground, with custom wooden stands, approx. All covered pieces are polychrome floral design on blue ground and come with wooden stands.

Some of Blenko’s specialty lines, however, were marked with special stickers. This is the case with their Raindrop, Regal, and Rialto lines. Further complicating matters, Blenko still marks some of their glass with the traditional silver foil hand-shaped sticker.

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Nov 30,  · BLENKO GLASS – Located in Milton, West Virginia, the Blenko Glass Company has maintained the tradition of handmade glass for over years. //Awesome bottles & bowls, love the colors EL// Find this Pin and more on **Splendor in the Glass** by Danna ツ.

Also included are marks seen on other types of glassware including tableware and industrial glass items such as railroad lantern lenses. Entries on some of the more commonly encountered brand and company names for instance, Bromo-Seltzer seen embossed on bottles are also included, as I frequently get questions about them. This is a typical example, as seen on the bottom of an emerald green apothecary jar from the s or s.

Bucher Emhart punt mark database this is a pdf file. I would encourage any milk bottle collectors to try searching their list of marks here: Another site with an extensive list of marks is here: Most, if not all, of the marks illustrated there are frequently seen on other types of glassware as well, which makes the page quite helpful to a broader spectrum of collecting fields. On earlier flasks, fruit jars, and soda bottles, and especially examples produced in the mid-nineteenth century period s s , the full factory name or initials may be embossed across the front.

This list primarily includes marks that represent the actual glass company that made the container. From the standpoint of most collectors of antique bottles, the name and location of the company the bottle was made for, and the name of the product that was originally contained in the bottle one or both of which may be embossed on the bottle is often considered to be of more interest or importance than the glass factory where the bottle was actually manufactured.

However, this site is geared with more emphasis on the actual glassmakers themselves.

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This is the paper label used for a short time during WWII. Then they went back to the Foil label. Silver Hand Sticker – Used from the s to Left over stickers were used until they were gone. Hand signed Blenko – Used in early All of these were personally done by William Blenko, Jr.

It should be deservedly one of the most ornamental pieces of furniture. The Company realized its status and the importance of its responsible duties being properly performed. They have spared no pains, nor study, nor expense to bring it to that degree of perfection which its importance demands. That their efforts have been properly appreciated is evidenced by the rapid growth of their business, which has grown to more than ten times its original proportions.

Having adopted the name, Arlington, all their stoves are classified under that title. Their extensive sale of the Arlington Cook Stove in all sections of the country sufficiently attests it popularity and its merit. Its symmetrical proportions give it an elegant appearance unsurpassed by any other stove, while in the performance of its duties it is without a superior. In August last by a disastrous fire the company suffered the loss of a large proportion of their works, with many of their patterns.

The disaster seems, however, to have only widened the field of their activity. New and more various patterns have been obtained and the works have been rebuilt on a vastly extended scale. They commenced business on one small molding floor, now it covers an area of twelve thousand square feet.

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Gardner Cassatt, Horace Magee, and B. At times there would be as many as 7 different glass plants operating in this city many started by this original list of illustrious names in the glass industry. Original production at Jeannette included wide mouth jars, pressed glass headlamp lenses, and bottles.

These items were manufactured using a semi-automatic glass blowing machine which had been invented in The company name was soon changed to the Jeannette Glass Company and the product line expanded. Architects had begun using a new product in the design of storefront transom windows called prism glass. Prism glass scattered the light transmitted through the transom window strip above a storefront enabling it to more efficiently light the interior spaces.

In Jeannette Glass added prism glass to their product line.

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Excellent with fine patina. Good working order, 1 shutter slightly bent at corner Item 2 Superb Example! Litho-tin battery operated Made by Modern Toys. Toy has been tested at time of auction, in good working order. Words on banner faded in places otherwise Excellent Item 4 Wonderfully engraved French Sterling silver snuff box with gold wash interior.

Impressed hallmarks to side of lid indicate this piece was made around

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Much of the cranberry glass being sold today as Victorian was made in the s, again by Pilgrim. Phoenix and Consolidated glass collectors may also be surprised to learn that many of the intricate molds used in the production of this art glass in the 20s, 30s and 40s were purchased from of Sinclair Glass by Pilgrim and were put back into production.

Collectors of off-hand Italian art glass figurines may be interested to learn that two talented brothers from Italy began producing such work for Pilgrim in the mid fifties. Cameo glass collectors should be aware that Pilgrim managed to case and carve as many as six layers of glass into truly magnificent works of art. Knobler held a degree in ceramic engineering and had a flair for sales. In , he built the last Pilgrim Glass production facility, located several miles away in Ceredo, West Virginia.

The crackle effect was achieved by immersing the glass into cold water and then reheating it. Crackle glass products were produced through the late s.

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