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General Science Fiction has promised our imminent demise as well as our prosperity when it comes to robots throughout the years. Join Christopher Clingerman, robotics software engineer at Exyn Technologies, for a glimpse into our robotic reality. Christopher Clingerman Fri General Need a cosplay part that patinas just like actual metal? General Learn why many makers choose waterjet for projects from powerful fighting robots to jewelry. General On shows like Westworld, AI means self-aware robots. Peter Abrahamson , Fon Davis Fri General Starts at 8pm—come early.

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The first female fighter in the series, she is an expert martial artist and Interpol officer who relentlessly seeks revenge for the death of her father at the hands of M. It is properly romanized as Chunli in pinyin and pronounced “Chuen-lee”, despite westerners commonly pronouncing it as “Chuhn-lee”. The Japanese on’yomi reading of the name is Shunrei. Older official sources from the early 90’s indicate Chung was Chun-Li’s surname, although it is worth noting this could very well not be the case anymore.

Appearance Chun-Li’s appearance has differed several times in the Street Fighter series, as well as in official art and cameos she has made in other works. She is known for her very muscular thighs. Clothing Chun-Li in her outfit worn in the Alpha series Chun-Li wears a qipao, a Chinese dress imported over from Manchuria that became popular among girls during the early 20th century. Her outfit is modified to allow a far wider range of movement than a normal qipao.

Capcom titles, or around knee-high in games based around her 3rd Strike sprite and a blue leotard with dark brown sheer pantyhose and a blue thong underneath with her qipao. Her qipao is blue with golden accents. She was originally supposed to wear a peach-colored qipao, as seen in her in-game profile and ending in the original Street Fighter II. According to supplementary materials, she wears the qipao in honor of her late mother, who passed away in her early childhood and whose only photo showed her in a qipao similar to her daughter’s.

The spiked metal bracelets she is known to wear are made of iron, and weigh approximately kg lbs each. Chun-Li also wears them to help tone and exercise her body; the qipao is fitted with weights to help build body strength and finesse, while her bracelets are for the purpose of balancing her body when performing her kicking moves, including helping stabilize her center of gravity during a Hyakuretsukyaku and limit her during supers such as the Senretsukyaku to avoid overexerting her muscles.


He quickly develops his own successful brand of insults, though. His opponent, Rufio, is eventually reduced to calling him “You stupid I’m really angry now. You know what you are? You’re a big poop.

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The st Legion takes part in the traffic-stopping Dragon Con parade. See more Dragon Con parade pictures. The convention, which takes place over Labor Day weekend, attracts a crowd. Attendance in was around 46, people, from fans to dealers to guests [source: This may not sound like much compared to Comic-Con, which boasts more than , attendees, or CES , which has to categorize its vendor listings so people can find their way around.

But Dragon Con has its own sense of overwhelming, nerdy bustle and its own hazards. Here are some suggestions for making it through the weekend without mishaps. First, get through registration as early as possible. If you live in the Atlanta area, or if you’re arriving on Thursday, stop by registration and pick up your badge on Thursday, the earlier the better.

The convention won’t have officially started yet, but you’ll be able to get your badge, program book and pocket program, and stay around for some of the concerts and meetups that have sprung up on Thursday night. If you can’t make it to registration on Thursday, try to get there early on your day of arrival.

While arriving earlier won’t necessarily mean less time spent in line — queuing up early has become a Dragon Con tradition — it should mean less time spent in line while the convention is actually going on.

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Creative License, an annual student-edited literature and arts publication from Perimeter College: Diversity[ edit ] Georgia State University is a majority-minority institution. It is active on weekdays from 7: The current route transverses the campus along Edgewood and Auburn Aves.

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It was launched in and took place each year ever since. As of , the conventions draws over 63, pop culture fans. Dragon Con was founded in by a local science fiction and gaming group, the Dragon Alliance of Gamers and Role-Players. The inaugural Dragon Con was attended by fans. The inaugural convention was a success.

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Henry Adollah My future goals include being financially stable enough to get Spotify Premium and to wear sunglasses at night because my future is so bright. I run, a lot Last weekend I had to the opportunity to work as a brand ambassador for a company at Comic-Con in Saint Louis, Missouri. When I was a kid, I loved Spider-Man. Every month I would ride my bicycle to the comic book store and buy the newest issue.

I watched the Spider-Man cartoons and played the Spider-Man video games.

Nancy A. Collins calls for DragonCon boycott over ties to co

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Author Nancy Collins calls for DragonCon boycott In just the past year, such allegations have surfaced at Readercon , the New York Comic-Con , Ohayocon , and the convention for adult My Little Pony fans, among others. But the largest of such allegations arguably came out of DragonCon, the annual comic convention in Atlanta, Ga. For over 12 years now, cofounder Ed Kramer has faced multiple allegations of molesting underage boys.

His first arrest was in and his most recent only last week; he was extradited from Connecticut to Georgia and is currently being held without bond in Atlanta. Kramer has not yet gone to trial, due to a combination of health problems and legal maneuvering. The news made Nancy A. Collins, an award-winning author of horror and fantasy novels, decide enough is enough. Collins is calling for artists, writers, and all other creative professionals to boycott DragonCon until it severs all ties with Kramer.

Collins first made this request on her Facebook page; her friend comic artist S. Bissette later reprinted it with her permission on his blog. Everyone tells me social media has the potential for creating social change never seen before in human history.

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But for long-term watchers of the Whedonverse, comprising of series including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, the news that Whedon isn’t exactly the perfect man didn’t come as enormous surprise. Kai Cole and Joss Whedon at an event in Credit: Rather they unspooled across fansites and at comic conventions, where dedicated viewers gossiped with show insiders and rumour mongers, who could always be relied upon to relay the behind-the-scenes stories shared to them by their friend of a friend, whose sister used to date a guy who worked security on the Buffy set.

Here are just five instances where observers called into question his rather performative brand of feminism. The time he allegedly fired an actress for getting pregnant Buffy and Angel actress Charisma Carpenter Credit:

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The skirt length is Starfleet Regulation. It was short intentionally. I was dressed in a science officer costume from Star Trek: Not the sleek little work-appropriate but still sexy jewel tone tunics from the new movie, but the flared, strangely-constructed, unapologetically teal and chartreuse polyester cheerleader dresses that fit perfectly with the now retrofuturistic vibe of the original show. And at the beginning of the day, I just assumed the lady who commented was pointing out that I needed to tug down the dress a bit.

That was the first comment. After the next 30 or so, I had had enough. I was at Balticon, a great science fiction convention that leans more to the literary side than the ones that are normally in my wheelhouse. This was my second year going to this con, and my second year costuming there. Last year I brought several costumes, but only wore one: I wore that outfit for all of Saturday, became extremely annoyed with the response I was getting and then dressed in normal clothes on Sunday.

As a costumer, you have to develop a fairly keen sense for what is a safe space and what is not.